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Investing Strategies for Every Speed

The #AspiringHare has a terribly busy life, so he looks for ways that his money can work for him with minimal effort. The hare has found that investing is a fun and easy way without him needing to do much of anything! All he needs to do is initially purchase stock, and wait to see how the market does. He also enjoys investing because it’s a risky game in some ways. “No risk, no reward!” sings the Hare.

Playing the stock market is one of the hare’s favorite ways to invest, especially because it’s one of the quicker options. Much like an auction house, the stock market lets the hare buy, sell, and trade stocks at will, and it feels very much like a fun game at times! While he’s lost some of his money, he’s sure that in the end he will come out on top.

The #CautiousTortoise prefers a steadier track when it comes to investing his hard-earned money. Although he doesn’t like taking risks, he understands how important it is to invest his money in certain things. Since he is cautious, he prefers lower risk, slower investment strategies. “I’d much prefer to know for sure that my money will stay my money than gamble it in hopes of making a few extra dollars,” proclaims the Tortoise.

Since the tortoise prefers a stable investment strategy, he saved his money for a long time to be able to invest in real estate. He now owns a few apartments that he rents out to tenants, and over time he hopes to pay off the mortgages so he can save the income from the rental payments each month.

The #CautiousTortoise also closely follows the advice of a financial consultant before he makes any big decisions. For the tortoise, it’s important that he sees the whole picture before he spends any of his money, so having someone who understands his financial situation and can recommend the best choices based on that information is invaluable to his entire family!

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