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Bingo Bonus

Weeks 7 & 8 - HEALTH

Bingo BonusBingo Bonus
Ring in good fortune for 2021!
Play our bi-weekly Bingo games and stand to win awesome prizes!
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    Weeks 1 & 2 - WEALTH
  • Weeks 3 & 4


    Weeks 3 & 4 - LUCK
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    Weeks 5 & 6 - CAREER
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    Weeks 3 & 4 - LUCK
  • Weeks 7 & 8


    Weeks 7 & 8 - HEALTH
This week’s theme: Health

Stand to win

Good health can’t be bought, but it can be earned.
What’s on the cards for your health in 2021?

Select a Chinese zodiac sign to generate your bingo card

  • Cow
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Goat
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig
  • Rat
This week’s theme: Health

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Click on a tile when the word matches.
Create a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line to get BINGO!

    This week’s theme: Health

    The prudent Ox may be fighting fit but you are still susceptible to periods of emotional lows. Paying special attention to your mental health may work wonders for your body.

    Some regular physical activity may be good for you to maintain your vigour and keep your body in shape, as long as it is not too strenuous.

    Health predictions for the ambitious Tiger may highlight vitality and vigour. You may wish to stick to a diet or exercise plan, especially if they have proved effective previously.

    Approaching your wellness with patience and calm is important, so that you may give yourself time and space to recover in case of any unexpected afflictions.

    2021 may prove to be a little tricky for the delicate Rabbit as you come to terms with your physical limitations during endurance tests. Meticulous tasks may not interest you in the slightest.

    Creative pursuits however may ease the tensions from stressful situations. Any chance you get which sets your imagination free is welcome.

    The Dragon may get caught up in 2021’s sweeping momentum, pushing through days without restraint. Though the stars predict exceptional health, you may still want to consider not over-exerting yourself.

    Taking regular time off for rest in between tasks or activities is encouraged, as this will rejuvenate your senses and morale.

    In 2021, the patient Snake may find themselves more energetic than before. Outdoor physical activities may be able to keep your spirits up, even better whilst the sun is out.

    An active lifestyle is crucial for your mental wellness, which in turn brings restful sleep, less physical afflictions and more contentment.

    The restless Horse may have an unlimited zest for life, being constantly on the move which means you will be in excellent shape no matter your age!

    While the forecast predicts there may be some minor health concerns, understanding your body may be the key to keep these problems at bay.

    The composed and collected Goat may expect fewer health issues this year. It is important to note that your happiness is closely linked to your wellness, so keep your spirits up!

    Although you may be prone to accidental mishaps, your sense of self-preservation will continue to keep you on your feet.

    Although the Monkey is usually blessed with good health, inner peace and sense of calm may appear missing. Meditation or yoga will not only refresh you but can also strengthen you.

    You may want to consider taking up some sports activities, as outlets for you to let off some steam and keep away any ailments.

    The uncompromising Rooster may experience some stress-related health issues in 2021. It is important to keep your anxiety levels in check and prioritise your mental and physical well-being.

    You may consider relooking at your diet to overcome health issues, which in turn will keep you looking and feeling incredible.

    Rest may be of utmost importance to the faithful Dog this year, to maintain physical immunity and keep any troubling ailments away.

    While you rarely overdo anything, you may push yourself to the limit when it comes to work, resulting in ill-health. Taking breaks and spending time outdoors will make a big difference.

    The sweet Pig may not need to worry much about their health in 2021. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a problem, which makes the cheat days much more rewarding.

    Recognising the importance of rest and relaxation as a means to preserve your mental health will be essential this year.

    Forecast may point to thriving health for the active Rat, as long as you pay close attention to your body when it needs tender loving care.

    While you may encounter some discomfort and rising tension this year, you may want to try practising some calming exercises to alleviate these problems.

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    5. The participants will be required to complete the “Bingo Bonus” contest accessed through the Contest link. The contest comprises of a Bingo-style game that will be divided into 4 categories (Wealth, Luck, Career and Health). Each category will last for a period of 2 weeks and in aggregate, 8 weeks for the 4 categories. Each category will feature different prizes to be won. Upon completion of the contest, participants will be required to further fulfil the following criteria:
      1. successful completion and submission of their contest response;
      2. successful submission of the relevant details as requested for the Contest, during the Contest Period;
      3. answer the verification call from a Manulife Financial Consultant;
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    6. Manulife will then decide on 500 winners (the “Winners”) - the first 500 participants who have fulfilled all criteria set out in Clause 5 above, within the Contest Period.
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