03 August 2020

Manulife Singapore launches Manulife Advisory Group to enhance customer access to insurance and investment solutions

Manulife Singapore launches Manulife Advisory Group to enhance customer access to insurance and investment solutions
SINGAPORE – Manulife Singapore today announced the launch of Manulife Advisory Group, a remodel of its proprietary agency channel, designed to offer a wider range of offerings to customers.

Operating under an open architecture system, Manulife Advisory Group will enable larger insurance penetration and accelerate the rate of financial inclusion in Singapore. Customers will have a wide range of insurance solutions and investment products to fulfil their protection needs and wealth creation ambitions, as Manulife Singapore partners with multiple insurers and investment platforms. Products will include Manulife’s signature products like LifeReady Plus and InvestReady Wealth, alongside a series of new products in the pipeline.

To prepare advisors for holistic customer engagement in the new normal, Manulife Singapore will dedicate resources for regular and rigorous training, to empower agents to adeptly service customers and showcase corporate values in outreach efforts. All representatives under Manulife Advisory Group are accredited under the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore’s Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) as part of Manulife Singapore’s in-house agency onboarding program since the start of 2020, to further ensure quality customer advice and service across the board.

The streamlining of its multi-channel distribution network is a response to the evolving market, with a growing demand for customised solutions across varying needs amongst an increasingly sophisticated customer base.

Jenny Teo, Chief Financial Advisory Officer of Manulife Singapore, said, “Our goal at Manulife Singapore is to consistently improve our offerings to continue exceeding the high expectations our customers have set for us. This is both in terms of the solutions that we offer and the way in which we deliver them. We see this transformative undertaking as a timely way to ensure we continue to serve customers in the best way that we can, not just through an extensive range of bespoke solutions, but also with highly-trained advisors whose priority will be to safeguard their ever-evolving needs and wants through the seasons.”

Central to effective customer engagement in the current season will be digital tools, curated to ensure steadfast contact amid ongoing remote working environments. At the height of the pandemic, Manulife Singapore was one of the firsts in the market to launch a secure non-face-to-face advisory sales process, allowing customers to speak to advisors and sign-off on plans all from the comfort of the homes. This process will continue to take precedence with all advisors under Manulife Advisory Group.

To find out more about Manulife Advisory Group, visit brandanchen.manulife.sg/careers.

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