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Five Time-Tested Methods to Boost Your Luck

Luck is a fickle thing, handing some people wealth and prosperity and others a lot of hard work with no results. For some, it seems good luck just comes to them naturally, while others seem to feel as though they are stuck in an endless cycle of misfortune. Some even go as far as to believe that changing your name can fundamentally shift how much luck you can bring to your family (BBC 20201). And while that may not be scientifically proven, did you know that there are other ways to turn your luck around? Here are five time-tested methods you can use to change your luck in the new year.
A Positive Mindset Can Go a Long Way (The Balance 20202)

Studies have shown that optimism can actually relieve stress and help you to live longer (Psychology Today 20133). That’s right, optimism stabilises cortisol levels, which in turn lowers stress levels. Negativity is often one of the main reasons you may not be motivated to try your luck at something new, while optimism can encourage a lucky turn of events.

Use Plants to Boost Positive Energy and Health (The Finder 20204)

Live plants are essential in any space. Not only do they bring extra oxygen into the space, but they also welcome positive energy into a stagnant environment. This in turn can boost health and stamina, both of which are key elements to a prosperous (and perhaps lucky) life.

Practice Gratitude (Bustle 20175)

Making it a habit to practice gratitude is an important part of welcoming luck and prosperity into your life. As you start each day, try thinking of five things that you appreciate in the moment. Practicing this mindfulness will transform your outlook on life, and leave you open to new opportunities.

Cleanliness Brings Balance (The Finder 20204)

Who doesn’t love coming home to a clean space? But a clean home is more than just a luxury: it directly impacts your health and wellness. A dirty house can hold you back from your full potential, sending out negative energy that is mentally draining. An unclean home can also negatively impact your physical health. Thoroughly cleaning your home can help to attract growth and opportunity and welcomes positivity into your life.

Manifest Your Dreams (The Balance 20202)

Visualisation or manifestation is when you imagine yourself accomplishing something you want in life, which can actually help you to identify the steps necessary to making it come true. Manifestation can help you to learn to trust your own instincts, welcome new opportunities, and change your bad luck into good fortune!

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